Vegan Bakery Profiled in City Newspaper

Get Caked, a new vegan bakery was featured in the Chowhound section of Rochester’s CITY Newspaper!

In the article, owner Kelly Halligan talks about how her biochemistry background challenged her to create vegan and gluten free desserts. She also creates specialty cupcakes, cookies and cakes for private functions and corporate events in the heart of Rochester, NY’s art district.

I just had a really good feeling about the Village Gate,” Halligan says of her decision to drop roots in the evolving space, one that provides a lot of hungry traffic thanks to the gaggle of neighboring restaurants. But visitors to Get Caked have some tough decisions to make. Molasses, double chocolate chip, or oatmeal cookies? Black forest, chocolate-raspberry, or lemon cupcakes? Halligan’s selection rotates, and she’s got a good number of vegan options as well, like her deeply chocolate cupcakes, which are actually not a result of tinkering in the kitchen lab. “It was my grandma’s recipe,” she says. “It just happens to not have milk, eggs, or butter.”
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