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Our First Cake Decorating Competition

We had a great time at our first official cake decorating competition on Saturday March 29th! The competition was held at the Rochester Museum and Science Center in the Eisenhart Auditorium. The majority of the proceeds from the event were donated to the Center for Youth for the Strings for Success program, which benefits inner city students by providing string instruments and the opportunity to perform to those who may not have had the chance otherwise. Coming from a musical family, we thought this was a great program and deserved as much support as possible!

Celebration Cakes

The theme for the event was Celebration Cakes. In our desire for warmer weather, we were inspired to create a springtime Woodland Wedding cake! We felt the bright colors and baby animals would be sure to bring the promise of spring to the audience. Kelly and Julie prepared for the event for over two weeks, sculpting edible chocolate critters and lifelike Gumpaste flowers by hand. The competition aspect of the event was to completely assemble and decorate the cake within four hours. Cakes could be baked and most decorations could be made ahead of time, but all frosting, assembling, and decorating had to occur on premises.

In four hours, Kelly and Julie decorated and assembled a five tier cake, with: hand carved and painted fondant covering; over 100 hand sculpted edible flowers; an edible birds nest; and four hand sculpted modeling chocolate woodland creatures. Along with seven other competitors, Kelly and Julie moved their masterpiece to the judging table in hopes of obtaining one of the three trophies.

After lengthy deliberation by celebrity judges (Charmaine Jones, a.k.a. Cake Diva, Heather Saffer, Dollop, and Gerry Brinkman, MCC), the judges awarded Kelly and Julie with third place! Considering the second place winners had been creating cakes for over ten years and the first place winner had immaculate piping skills, Kelly and Julie were more than happy to come home with the third place trophy! With such a great outcome, Kelly and Julie are eagerly anticipating their next opportunity to compete.