About Get Caked Bakery

The shop from inside the Village Gate

The shop from inside the Village Gate

How We Started

All great ideas are fueled by passion. Kelly Scott has taken her passion for culinary excellence and developed Get Caked Bakery, a sweet and stylish English/American bakery offering traditional, vegan, and gluten free items.

Passed down through her family, these recipes have been preserved and/or modified by Kelly and partner Andy to give those with food sensitivities delightful alternatives. Kelly and Andy understand and bring insight into dealing with food allergies; they both suffer from Celiac Disease as well as lactose intolerance, among other sensitivities. With their understanding and passion for excellence, Kelly and Andy (and team) produce great tasting and unbelievable traditional, vegan, and/or gluten free baked goods. Their creations definitely have a homemade taste!

Foods containing allergens like nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, and gluten are all processed, prepared, baked, and stored separately to minimize cross contamination. We have a dedicated gluten free room for all gluten free products.

All of our products are made fresh to order (or fresh for the case every day). We book up quickly for special requests so give us a call in advance to secure availability!