Basic Cake Designs

Below are some designs that are included in the basic pricing, as well as some designs that cost extra. Please understand different designs have different costs associated with the amount of work/expertise required! If you do not see a design you are interested in please contact us to discuss custom options!

chocolate dripChocolate drip style, INCLUDEDcolor bandColor band accent on borders, INCLUDEDcolored frostingColored frosting and sprinkles, INCLUDEDflower crown 2Flower crown and textured frosting, INCLUDEDfruit dripFruit drip, INCLUDEDsprinklesSprinkles, INCLUDEDwavy frostingWavy textured frosting, INCLUDEDpolka dotsSmooth with polka dots, INCLUDEDspatula textureSpatula texture/any comb texture, INCLUDED

single color rosetteSingle color rosettes, INCLUDED

Elmo themeCharacter theme/drawing, add $10unicorn bdayRainbow rosettes (or any tricolor), add $10

random rosettesRandom rosettes, add $5ombre swirlsOmbre rosettes or swirls, add $520160108_201813 (2)

Scrollwork/filigree on side, add $5geodeGeode style, add $10-$15 (based on size)

edible imageEdible image on top, add $15